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Hi, I'm Yaniv, the Founder and CEO of Built for Impact 👋🏻

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If you're looking to break into the world of Venture Capital (VC), take a look at Introduction to Venture Capital. It's a comprehensive (and free) course that'll teach you what venture capital is, how VC firms are structured and make money, how VC investors find and select great startups to invest in, and so much more.

Or, if you're a first-time founder trying to launch and scale your startup, check out Introduction to Entrepreneurship. You'll learn how to find an excellent idea for your startup, work with a Lean Canvas to validate your idea, build a Minimal Viable Product (MVP), raise capital, and more.

#2 Listen to a podcast episode

I really recommend that you subscribe to the School of Innovation podcast (which you can also watch on YouTube)! Every week, I interview entrepreneurs, world-class business leaders, and experts to uncover concrete, actionable, and tactical advice to help you launch and grow your startup.

#3 Explore the Shop

Check out the shop if you're looking for a helpful tool or framework for your next project. My favorite item is this funny sticker pack for WhatsApp called Innovators on Stickers. Try it! It'll make your Whatsapp conversations so much better 😉

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