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I spent the last decade, building two $10M+ corporate innovation labs, three accelerator programs for 100+ early-stage startups, and working with a group of ambitious founders who collectively raised $150M+ in venture capital and grew their teams to 100+ people.


But I started my career working 80 hours/week as a junior architect in a small firm, making $1000/month, for a boss who made me feel small.


I felt lost. I didn't know how I was going to build a life or get ahead.


I applied to a local university, hoping to get a Master’s in Computer Science (CS) and turn my life around. But I got laughed out of the Admission office by the Head of Graduate Studies, who told me to first get a Bachelor's in CS and then come back.


That pissed me off. So, I applied to MIT…and got in.


During the next 3 years, I completed two Master’s degrees - one in Architecture and the other in Computer Science. I worked on moonshot projects like folding cars, programmable Lego models, and movable interior spaces. I studied with and befriended legendary teachers like Marvin Minsky and Patrick H. Winston.


After graduating from MIT, I joined IBM’s Social Technologies Group as the Lead Researcher on Human Computation Games. I managed a small team of developers and together we built gaming solutions for the enterprise that leveraged the Wisdom of the Crowds to solve difficult problems.


Over the years, I 10X my first salary as a junior architect, bought a house, built multiple 6-figure businesses, and raised 3 children.

Now, I run an online school for entrepreneurial learners. When I'm not teaching, I mentor promising entrepreneurs with 500 Global, create digital products, and explore the world with my kids.

Get in touch

If you want me to be a guest on your podcast, hire me to speak at your event, or work with your team, I would love to hear from you.

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