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Hi–I’m Yaniv. I help entrepreneurs build resilient companies and careers.

- An open letter to venture builders -

Over the past decade, I built a rich career experience as a founder, accelerator manager, venture partner, mentor, corporate innovator, and university professor. What I learned from these experiences goes beyond what you’ll find in business school or textbooks.

I founded Built for Impact when I realized we need more inclusive, affordable, and practical solutions to kickstart or advance careers in venture building. In a way, it’s the culmination of everything I’ve done so far in my life. This pursuit isn't just professional—it's personal. It has afforded me the opportunity to grow alongside and support my family, including my wife and three children.

At the heart of Built for Impact is a commitment to cultivate rich startup ecosystems and forge resilient companies capable of making a lasting impact. We achieve this through customized programs, expert management, and specialized training designed to empower venture-building teams.

The Venture Builder's Career Toolkit

Download this toolkit and access must-have resources to help kickstart your career in venture building.


Build Career Capital

Get started for free with our Foundation Series, self-paced online programs to help you learn valuable skills in key venture-building roles.


Foundation Series

Venture Capital Analyst

This course will teach you how Venture Capital (VC) works, how to work with startup founders, what to look for when considering a deal, and more.



Foundation Series

Startup Founder

This course will teach you how to find a startup idea, validate assumptions about your customers, build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and more.


Develop In-Demand Skills
Acquire practical, in-demand skills and knowledge that are directly applicable in the early stages of your career.
Accelerate Your Career
A fast-track to career success, get insights and experiences that can accelerate your professional growth.
Mentorship & Networking
Mentorship from seasoned professionals, and networking opportunities to build a strong foundation for your career.
Entrepreneurial Mindset
Develop an entrepreneurial mindset through our proactive approach to problem-solving.
Real-World Applications
We provide hands-on experiences and projects that let you immediately apply what you’ve learned.
Inclusive and Affordable
We offer affordable subscription plans and scholarships, to give everyone a chance to discover their inner builder.

Student Success Stories

Here's what some of our students said about our programs


We partner with innovation-led organizations to create unique programs that redefine businesses.

Scaling AgFoodTech globally to shape a sustainable and resilient food system.

We worked with GROW to deliver their Land x Launch program providing support for ambitious UK-based AgFoodTech startups launching into Asia.

Making food production processes more sustainable with selective filtration and molecular separation.

We worked with Medium Well to identify strategic partnerships in Singapore for their cutting-edge filtration solution.

Let's Work Together

We deliver customized programs, expert management, and specialized training guaranteed to empower your venture-building teams.

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